Wednesday, 17 December 2008

SHITDISCO interview!(possibly one of the most crazy interviews ever...)

We were really drunk while doing this interview..Shitdisco must have been drunk too....

So how come you decided to come to greece and be part of the velvet magazine party?
Well, i was in greece just about a year ago with another band i was in and we met some people from the velvet magazine. We had a really nice time then, so when i was told that they were putting up this party i thought "yeah sure i would go back definately".

Whats going on with shitdisco?
We 're just recording a new album. Its poppier, louder and a bit more heavier on the melodies. Gigantic! Its like a shitdisco record but its shitdisco for the future!
It will come out probably in februry or march.

Ingredients to the best party?
1st you need a huge stage. No matter whether the place is big or small, indoors or outdoors.
2nd you need lots and lots of people. More people than should be there. You should be like " hey there is too many peopple here".
3rd There has to be the perfect mix between girls and boys too.
Then of course you need a live band that are ok to play fast and loud music. It doesnt matter what kind of music is but it has to be fast and loud.

Favourite bands and tunes you 're really into right now??
Oh there is a lot of bands i like.
Right now is Metronomy. Their new album is brilliant! I like also a lot of heavy electro music. Like the Bloody Beatroots, Boys Noize, some Fake Blood remixes.
Favourite all time band from the 70s must be AC/DC , one from the 80s must be Devo and one from the 90s must be Scooter.
Bands that must be stopped from making music any more because they suck so badly?
Ok!Top 4!
no.4 Snow Patrol: You 're not serious musicians! Stop acting like you 're doing something important!
no.3 Oasis: Just stop! They should have stopped 10 years ago when they were fucking amazing! They just keep going and going and going! They 're fucking awful!
no.2 Dido: God! She's got a new album out! Just stop!
no.1 Keane: They got a new album out too. They stopped drugs.. Their music was so boring when they were on drugs, whats its gonna be like off drugs! It 'll all just be a comma...

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