Thursday, 12 February 2009

Track Of The Day #14 is Wave Machines - I Go I Go I Go

So yeah this might be one of the worst periods in the whole year with all this studying and shit..
Here is some music to cheer you up!
Wave Machines are from Liverpool and they 're just the party band everyone is in need these days..
They sound a lot like MGMT, Foals and Metronomy but that's just BrokenBeats's point of view.
"I Go I Go I Go" and "TheGreatestEscapeWeEverMade" were both Tracks Of The Day but if i had to choose one i would probably go with the first one..

p.s I really like their songs but i 'm not sure if they will ever get a career in Rock 'n Roll.They 're too ugly! :P



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