Thursday, 5 February 2009

Track Of The Day #9 is.. We Have Band - You 've Had Band

Today's track of the day wasn't supposed to be " You 've Had Band". It would probably be "Oh!" or "Hear It In The Cans" (2 of the other magnificent Myspace tracks from We Have Band..)."You 'Ve Had Band" is like their hidden track but its just equally excellent as those other two "Hear It.." and "Oh!"..
About the band..Appart from owning the cooolest band name for at least the first decade of the 21st century(!), We Have Band is also one of the most exciting bands to watch out for in 2009. They 've already had a track in Kitsune's compilation 6 and now they 're supporting Metronomy and Bloc Party for some european shows.So, If you haven't already checked them out, now would be the perfect time to do that!

video for "OH!"


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