Friday, 27 March 2009

New Favourite Band?? Mickey Gang!

So, you 've been on your endless Myspace quest to find the new, awesome band that only you will be aware of..Well, stop doing that anymore..Its getting boring and besides that, you 've got BloodOnOurShoes to do that for you!
Mickey Gang are four brazilian guys and they sound exactly like a band from Brazil would sound..And that's like a male CSS!Fucking great!I guess you could see Mickey Gang as the band CSS wanted to be in their second album.. CSS wanted to rock out in their second album but these guys, Mickey Gang, do that so much better than them.. "Born In The 90's" , one of their Myspace tracks, is pure brazilian/indie/pop brilliance with all its synths and sexy attitude and rap sampling(!) making you to automatically move your head up and down. As soon as the guitar kicks in too the problems begin..Dancing in your room can be harmful sometimes..
Masterpiece!Definitely, your new favourite band!

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Born In The 90'S!


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