Thursday, 26 March 2009

Track Of The Day #42 is Das Wanderlust - Puzzle

Well, this is for anyone who wants to rock out tonite!Das Wanderlust are from the UK and they sound a lot like every great Riot Grrrrrl group..In fact, i hate to say this, but NME tagged them as "Post Riot Grrrl pop" which actually fits a lot to what they sound like..But!Fuck the NME..They suck so bad..On the other hand, Artrocker seems to really like this "post-riot grrrrl.." female fronted band! Their reviewer amongst some other really flattering words, wrote "When was the last time you heard a band who made your head feel like it was going to burst open? ". Alright!That's a bit too much but who is Broken Beats to doubt Artrocker's opinion?!So..Enjoy the new U2!No...But seriously,check them out!They 're goood!

The new myspace player has really fucked cant get any free downloads anymore..sorry...

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