Saturday, 28 March 2009

Track Of The Day #43 is Metric - Gimme Sympathy

Return single for Emily Haines and co."Gimme Sympathy " finds Metric totally stuck in the 2005 -2007 glamorous-indie era which is not so bad as long as we 're not talking about The Killers ..Emily has still got "the looks" something which is good news since all the other guys in her band are just losers..Their bassist even wears a hat...What the fuck??
So!Apart from the mediorcity of this first single off their new album "Fantasies" and the awfulness of their bassist, everything else seems good for Metric.. I mean the rest of the album sounds a lot like their previous stuff, something that surely doesn't make them the most innovative band of our days but it's not like the worst thing you 've ever heard.. Tokio Hotel and Kings Of Leon's " Use Somebody" are definitely the worst things you 've ever heard...
Share the headphones won't be "Gimme Sympathy" because it is just not so good.."Help i 'm Alive" is gooooooood!check it out!

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