Monday, 12 October 2009

Bang!Bang!Eche! - Sonic Death Cuntttt EP REVIEW

Actually,after their first and unique release in 2008,their amazing self titled EP,i thought they were dead.
I don't mean that they split up,but i hadn't heard anything new from them for months.
These kids from New Zealand proved me wrong.
"4 to the floor",which became a big hit,brought a new EP entitled as Sonic Death Cuntttt,and i'm totally into it.
It's like listening to a new Late Of The Pier EP,or the good old RAT:ATT:AGG.
Pure dance-punk,Bang!Bang!Eche! bring it back to life.
Straight-to-the-beat synths,noisy guitars and distorted vocals,they create a sound which you can't easily forget.
If you're looking for their new hit,it's definitely "Fist Full Of Dollars",opening for the 12minute long EP.
Don't get me wrong,but if you just read the song titles,there's no way that you won't listen to them.
+do my eyes fool me or are they still unsigned?

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