Friday, 16 October 2009

Are You Aware of Turnstile?

So, we 've already blogged about our favourite bands and our favourite movies..Now, its time for our new, favourite blog/music site and that is! Turnstile is something like Drowned In Sound and that is a music site and a selective record label at the same time. Turnstile's signings till now is Swanton Bombs (check them out here), Video Nasties, Girls and Perfume Genius.

Anyway, the deal with Turnstile is that they 've taken up this new project called Bento where they invite other artists to put together a short mixtape with their favourite new bands. Bentos have now reached up to #4(curated by NO AGE) with previous ones featuring choices from Los Campesinos' lead singer, Gareth Campesinos(Bento #2), another cool blog, Transparent(#3), and of course Turnstile's own roster which was Bento #1. To cut a long story short then, check out Turnstile and enter their mailing list to get your Bentos!Its that easy!

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