Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Track Of The Day #89 is Still Life Still - Pastel

Still Life Still hail from Toronto,Canada and they make old fashioned, indie-pop/rock the way only Americans (or Canadians in this case..) can! SLS have just released their debut album called "Girls Come Too" on Arts & Crafts, the record label of Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew. So, what's interesting and kind of a bummer about them is that they look a bit emo-ish which sucks actually. Their bassist probably has holes for ears since his streching is frankly obnoxious. Anyway, enough with digging the grave of SLS since everything else about these 5 canadians is absolutely great! Kevin Drew must also like them a lot since he stars in their clip for today's track Of The Day, "Pastel". Enjoy! Try not to look at their bassist..

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