Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Css new album tracklist,out on July 21

It is well known that Css are working on their new album already.It is gonna be called "Donkey" and it will be released on July 21.The first single,"Left Behind",is gonna come out on July 14.Let's hope that their second album is as good as their debut.It's the difficult part when you're about to release your second album,and you don't know how the audience will take it.But we'll see.Yet,from April 28,they give away one of their new tracks for free download,it is called "Rat Is Dead (Rage)" and you can download it here.
Here's the new album's tracklisting:

Tracklist[By Nme]
'Jåger Yoga'
'Rat is Dead (Rage)'
'Reggae All Night'
'Give Up'
'Left Behind'
'Beautiful Song'
'How I Became Paranoid'
'I Fly'
'Believe Achieve'
'Air Painter'

Css Official Site

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