Monday, 26 May 2008

Help She Can't Swim****are no more

Bad news today fellas.Help She Can't Swim just announced that they decided not to continue with the band.They have been inactive for a while,but who expected it?As they said,"there are a lot of things that the four of us need to do personally that being in the band does not allow".They have released some eps and 2 albums in Fantastic Plastic Records so far.
I still can't get it though.Why a band that creates that much of hype,releases albums and has this success is alive for so little?2 things happen in this music scene.
1]A band gains a fanbase and so,hype from mouth to mouth and myspace,and ends up with an album that is worth listening for just 1-3 tracks.
2]A band becomes successful with the exact same procedures as above,and ends up to its death,sometimes without having released any albums and without a record company.
Either way,there's a problem when these 2 cases occur.
But anyway,Help She Can't Swim said they would keep their myspace page updated with their new music.
If you're lucky enough,you might be able to buy some of their last remaining copies,here
.There's some cheap stuff,don't panic.
Help She Can't Swim
Help She Can't Swim
Help She Can't Swim MySpace

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