Tuesday, 27 May 2008

HeartsRevolution****the new talk of the town

They're called HeartsRevolution and they come from New York.They are Ben and Leyla and they're the new talk of the town.I say in fact,they're probably better than Crystal Castles.If you were attending an event in La or Ny and afterwards saw a pink ice cream truck with unicorns painted on it,there they were.This truck is called HeartsChallenger,selling ice cream,candy,toys but even mixtapes,t-shirts,graffiti prints,plus button packs.Coool!Among those "products" was their first release,C.Y.O.A.[Choose Your Own Adventure],which is limited to 500 heart-shaped vinyl.
They're about to release a dual-ep with CC.The whole hype-movement with the HeartsChallenger[that is their truck,remember?]is really clever and catchy,and they're planning a world tour with it,starting from La and Ny,to Austin and Miami,and after that,London,Paris and Tokyo!Wow!So you'll be aware next time!That's the DIY spirit!
Here's their CYOA video

Here you can download one of their songs,by their SwitchBlade ep.
I'd say they're one of the best tunes i heard lately.Enjoy!

HeartsRevolution MySpace
HeartsChallenger MySpace
HeartsChallenger Online Store

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