Sunday, 25 May 2008

Oh fuck,this is too much!****The Crystal Castles issue

We all know that there have been several issues about stealing songs.And i don't mean the sharing thing.I just got kinda fully informed about the Crystal Castles issue.Oh yeh,this is too much,but what's done is done.I won't try to excuse them,neither to blame them.In fact,i like their music but the "stealing" thing annoyed me,to be honest.Anyway,let's take it all from the start.
Remixing is really grown these days,so it's normal for a lot of tracks to be remixed and sampled without license,alright?But when a band turns mainstream,that's where everything explodes.So what happened with CC?In first step,watch this video.

Well,what's next,in CC' Love And Caring,it is obvious that the beats are really really similar to Covox' Sunday.I don't know what is true or not of all these rumors,but,who knows what CC were trying to do with those songs?That's the bad thing,when everything explodes noone is thinking and considering things from the opposite side.Everyone's angry and mad.
Now,the most important thing for me in this story.The artwork.And more precisely,their debut 7″ record with the black-eyed Madonna on the cover.Which was later used for t-shirts,without the designer's permission.As i got informed,this picture was designed by the graphical designer named Trevor Brown and was used for a cassette cover which was released in1991 by Beast 666 Records.
I say you better read the full story by Trevor Brown's side,at his blog,here
What can someone say?
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