Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Review->Hadouken - Music For An Accelerated Culture[2008]

It's been almost a month since their album came out,[on May 5 it was],by Atlantic Records,called "Music For An Accelerated Culture".Hadouken have the coolest lyrics and one of the most stylish singing i've heard in 2008 so far.They previously were working on some great remixes on Bloc Party and Klaxons,and i say the final result was even better than the original songs.You can download some of their remixes at the end of this review,as well as 2 songs from the album.Listening to this album,i got really happy as i didn't notice any bad songs.Every track in it,has its style,its theme,its feeling.Cool fast lyrics describing everyday actions and entertainment,about parties,cool kids in gigs,drinking,and even myspace and msn[in Crank It Up].Fantastic synths and basslines,probably this record is DIOYY's follow-up.It's faster,with great catchy lyrics,and yeh,it's worth listening.


Album Tracklist
1. That Boy That Girl
2. Game Over
3. Declaration Of War
4. Mister Misfortune
5. Crank It Up
6. What She Did
7. 'Driving Nowhere
8. Get Smashed Gate Crash
9. Liquid Lives
10. Spend Your Life
11. Wait For You

Here you can download some of their songs,as mentioned above.There is a folder that explains the songs info as well.

Info:Hadouken,yesterday night,on May 27,were playing in Liverpool among with Does It Offend You,Yeah?,Crystal Castles,Ghost Frequency and XX Teens.Must have been a great night!

And,as always,some fotos and a cool video by Hadouken.Enjoy.



Nick said...

Agapame Hadouken! New rave ftw! :D
Dn exw akousei nea kommatia akoma. I'm gonna though.

Btw, to link gia Sigur Ros einai link gia thn epishmh istoselida tous opou dinontas ena email apla (radiohead fash) katevazeis to dwrean mp3. Something like that. ;P

evilplaymobils said...

w nai re sy!na akouseis,poly kala einai.kai stixous na psa3eis na vreis,einai gamw:]
nai to eida,aplws edwsa email kai meta kollouse h epomenh selida pou eprepe na fwrtwsei[opou 8a mou evgaze to download],alla 8a dokimasw pali.ante na doume,hehe.

intronaut said...

hehe.orea mpandoula kai autoi.gia parti kai tetoia fash.

evilplaymobils said...

nai re,party,drinking kai meta fucking haha,tetoia lene oi stixoi,auta einai.