Tuesday, 6 January 2009

KASMs //New Grave Band No.1 //

Everybody knows that nu-rave is dead. Everybody knows that 8bit mania will die soon. So what's next for the hipsters? Well, Artrocker has the answer for you. It's called NEW GRAVE. So what the fuck is new grave? Step 1: Gothic Look. Step 2: Post Punk. Step 3: Death Rock. You see after the mayhem of colours cause of nu-rave, there's only one colour left to wear, black. You will hear nothing new on this genre but that's not bad. Good songs are good songs. Post Punk meets Death Rock.

Now, KASMs is a really good band with really good songs. I'm currently obssesed with 3 songs of them. Bone You, Taxidermy and Siren Sister. Below i've posted download links for everyone curious enough to hear them.

If every new genre has its own princess like nu-rave had Lovefoxxx and 8bit has Alice Glass then NEW GRAVE has Rachel.She's Alice in black sexy clothin. Same energy + good voice. If you were in love with Alice Glass, Rachel is your new favorite girl.

KASMs @ Underage Festival

Taxidermy Promo Video

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://rapidshare.com/files/180474006/KASMs.rar.html


Anonymous said...

Alice Glass already dressed in black goth clothes. Alice Glass and Horrors were already the answer to Nu Rave. So try again.

rasmio said...

First of all, alice never tried to be a Siouxsie. On the other hand every single nugrave girl dreams of being a Siouxsie. Crystal Castles ARE a part of nurave. The Horrors ARE a nugrave band. So YOU try again.

Miriam said...

fuck the haters! KASMS are great live