Thursday, 29 January 2009

New Grave Band No.2 ---> S.C.U.M

they are the definition of what new grave really is
they use lots of strobes
they are artrocker's favorite new band
they take their name from Valerie Solanas' misandrous screed, SCUM manifesto
they call themselves "the pure antithesis of all others, a purging force destroying convention, physically turning music inside out"

enough said
check them now

Visions Arise


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Anonymous said...

Attention to all LONDONers! This coming Friday S.C.U.M is playing down at the Garage in Islington! They will be joined by the delightful Big Deal, comprised of Kacey from Little Death and Alice from Pull In Emergency. Mute boss and 'Warm Leatherette' man Daniel Miller will also be spinning tunes.
More info here :