Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wolf Parade

So first of all i must make a small advertisement!!
Last night i decided to buy the greek music magazine ΠΟΠ&ΡΟΚ and i must admit that i was extremely pleased when i read it!! It is a monthly music magazine which has info and interviews on loads of new bands which unfortunately are not that known yet in greece so it would be good if more people started buying it so they can be aware of the music of our generation!Of course there are also many articles on many old legendary bands such as the clash in the december issue!So in this same issue, there were also three cds, one of which has 10songs from bands who have signed contracts with sub-pop , a very well-known independent record label,which also helped Nirvana come to light in the early 90s and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary!So in this cd, i heard a song called "Shine a light" which i really liked!!Who is it by? The band is called Wolf Parade, good name no? So what was next?? I checked their myspace and i must say that these canadian lads are pretty talented!! Another song i loved was "I ll believe in anything"! a very promising indie band in my point of view,so go ahead and check them out!Oh and start buying the magazine ΠΟΠ&ΡΟΚ, if u re a music lover and know greek i think u should :)



rasmio said...

their record "apologies to the queen mary" is amazing!!!
fancy claps is my fav song of them

ME8H said...

they're really good indeed! my favourite song is "disco sheets". I haven't read POP+ROCK yet, but since you liked it so much, I think I'll have look... Cheers!