Monday, 26 January 2009

White Lies!!

White Lies are a post-punk London based band, formed from the ashes of A Fear of Flying. Under the new name and only in a few months, the band managed to play numerous Uk music festivals, release three singles and also a debut, titled "To Lose my Life..." on 19 January 2009, which went straight at number one in the Uk album chart. Their sound is described as dark indie-rock and can be compared to Editors, Joy Division and Interpol. White Lies songs are quite gloomy and deal with all kinds of fear such as insecurity, death and lost love. In my opinion, they have all the requirements needed, in order to become the next big-thing, in the music scene. You must definitely check out the Crystal Castles remix of their song, called "Death".

Here's a live performance of the track, "To Lose my Life..."


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