Sunday, 18 January 2009


Some weeks ago, Franz Ferdinand said that their 3rd album, "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand", would be " music to fling yourself around your room, as you psych yourself for a night of hedonism, for the dancefloor.. ". Well, that's what they did! Not only is "Tonight... " the perfect album to get yourself prepared for a night of pure orgies, it's also the perfect album to get you in the sexy mood that orgies and hedonism demand. Oh yes, Franz have ditched their guitars and their punky "You could have it so much better..." attitude, to grab onto their synths and their dirty, disco mood and make an album that will get every single one of us back on the dancefloor..
Starting up with "Ulysses", Franz's most twisted track up to now and a real masterpiece, "Tonight..." quickly flowes to "Turn it on", which is one of their most poppy and , in that way , brilliant efforts up to date. Next, is "No you girls" with its addictive hook "No you girls never know, oh no you girls never know, how you make a boy feel." (totally true by the way..). "Twilight Omens" , "Send Him Away" and "Live Alone" are just some nice, catchy tunes that keep up greatly with the whole naughty concept of "Tonight...". "Bite Hard" is probably one of "Tonight....'s" highlights, but its just not BrokenBeats's style.. BrokenBeats is more of a "What She Came For" kind of type. Listening to a bootleg of this track that Franz had given up earlier in November, BrokenBeats imagined this outsatnding piece of pop music, as a rap battle, where Alex Capranos just beats the crap out of the other guy..In this case, a sexy girl .. Well, you should check out that bootleg, its amazing! The album version of the track is not so great... "Tonight...'s " last track - "Dream Again" and " Katherine Kiss Me" , the album's finishing tracks, is just music to go to sleep to, which is boring... - is the triumphant remixed version of "Lucid Dreams". Everyone thought that this track would be the key-track of their new album, but Franz just fucked it up to make it even better! The synths are there, the beats are there, even you, you 're there dancing alone in your room..
To wrap things up, "Tonight... " is exactly the kind of music that is going to "psych you for a night of hedonism on the dancefloor..." and is definetely one of 2009's best albums!Possibly the best one if the Strokes dont get in the studio As Soon As Possible ..

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