Monday, 26 January 2009

Review-> Mary And The Boy/Felizol - TimeMachine

One of the early 2009 albums that really struck me with the first listen.
After their weird dark first self-titled record,Timemachine finds them with electronic sounds and synths,along with their pianos and dark vocals,and the result is a special record.
A record coming straight from the underground scene,the city night soundtrack,it hides a deep talent which you could sense even from their early demos.
Including 4 tracks from their first album in different versions,"i was able to begin again","cock","mama" and the terrifying "death",they turned a little electronic,which fits them perfectly.
Felizol has done an excellent work on the album,the instrumental tracks are simply awesome.
And the ending couldn't be better.A melancholic piano song that gives an unbelievable feeling watching it live.

A record that won't be easy to forget,not after what you feel listening to it.

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wraio cd

evilplaymobils said...

yeah,isws to kalytero ellhniko album mexri shmera.apisteuto.

Anonymous said...

endiaferomai kai ego gia to cd alla to mediafire den exei tipota sxetiko mesa.
to moirazesai akoma kapos?