Sunday, 27 December 2009


and the winner is... The Horrors - Primary Colours
the stylish boys won the battle over the 2nd "difficult" album
it's not original, it's not groundbreaking but, fuck me, it's breathtaking
when it first came, the video of Sea Within A Sea, created chaos among the indie kids of this world
they lost some 15-years-old fans but they earned much respect from the rest of us

this album would be really different without the guidance of the producer Geoff Barrow(Portishead)
--Barrow is a critical element for the "universal critical acclaim"--
every sound, every little detail in this album is captivating

this album is one of the main reasons why the post-punk (/New Grave/) scene in uk is gonna explode sometime next year...

this is what we said when it first leaked:

"don't get me wrong but i really didn't expect this to happen
after a good debut influenced by garage and post punk bands the horrors come back with a near masterpiece album influenced mainly by shoegaze bands
i really didn't see that coming and i suppose you will be surprised as well
i hope in a good way
you can't find any Count In Fives here
but you won't need to do it
primary colours can be described as shoegaze meets post punk and dark wave
this is the Horrors after 2 years using their instruments in a totally different way
this is Farris singing in a totally different way
Geoff Barrow (Portishead) produced the album and he's done a great job
this is gonna top even the lists of the music snobs

the members of BloodOnOurShoes rarely rate an album but this time i'm so excited that i'm gonna give this shit nite out of ten and please allow me to declare this as a modern classic

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