Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Favorite Albums Of 2009 #14

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
it's still 2009, 2 years after the 80smania that 2007 was
blame the klaxons and nurave for all that things that followed
everyone, and i do mean e - v - e - r - y - o -n - e
was so nostalgic about a decade that passed
even if he was 8 years old by the time that nirvana came...
glowsticks,fluo clothes and everything that 80s was for the music lifestyle

forget art star, date with the knight, forget even phenomena
this is all about the synths that we never partied to on their time
this is all about "i hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought turntables"
forget stupid-bitch-boys + no-good-dick-girls
this is all about heads rolling on the floor
yeh, this is an almost 80s record
but since it's a dull life, it's a dark place
this is wonderful

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