Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Favorite Albums Of 2009 #3

The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama

this is our favorite electro act of the year
2 italian guys, Sir Bobby Rifo and Tommy Tea are behind these Venom masks
Romborama is a 21-track, 1.21-long disco-rave MONSTER

everyone expected them to release a hard-rave album
that's exactly what they didn't
they mixed all their influences, punk-rock,tech-house,disco,rave,electropop, eveything
and they created something huge

apart from the already known bangers like Cornelius, Butter, Yeyo, FFA1985
they provided Have Mercy On Us, Awesome, It's Better A Dj On 2 Turntables
and of course the Warp Trilogy
Warp 1.9 hit the world like a hurricane
Steve Aoki's 1 2 Whoop Whoop was the signal
some said that this track was the death of electro
but most people loved it

Warp 7.7 was the follow-up
it works well for a remix, not made to create chaos like its brother 1.9

Warp 1977 is the last of the trilogy
the young brother and the best
this remake with guitar riff and Rifo's vocals is just crazy

well, this album would be half good without it's lets-call-them-mellow moments
tracks like Mother, Little Stars, House N* 84
and of course the standout Second Streets Have No Name
give this record a different pop dimension and some space for the bangers to hit you

i don't need to write anything else, just

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