Friday, 18 December 2009

Favorite Albums Of 2009: #9

The Callas - The Callas
BloodOnOurShoes' favourite DIY-ists returned this year with one of 2k9's best albums! The sophomore album of the two Ionas brothers, Lakis and Aris, saw them taking a step forward both musically but with the production of the album too, which was a lot more taken care of this time. " The Callas " shows a different side of these two part-time-(ex)supermen, since among anthems like "Lipstick", "Fuck Yr God" and (personal favourite) "Caravaggio Was A Punk Rocker" laid some slower, intimate songs like "Cause Yr Love", "Shy", "My Girl" which you cannot help but fall in love with instantly! As you probably know, we blogged a lot about The Callas this year!Here's what we posted:

Alright! The Callas is definitely the best greek band of all times and they 're difinitely BrokenBeats' s favourite band for today!Well, no...The Callas are possibly in the top 5 of BrokenBeats's favourite bands..Their 7 inch vinyl for their absolutely amazing -its like complete mayhem of dancing everytime they perform that live!- track Lipstick, is now available in the only serious record store in Athens, Vinyl Microstore!

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