Monday, 21 December 2009

Favorite Albums Of 2009 #5

Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport
i must admit that i never got into fuck buttons first album, Street Horrrsing
too noise for my taste, something that kinda changed in this second lp
it's less avant-garde noise / it's more pop
which ain't a bad thing at all since with the term "pop" i'm talking about
the structure of their songs, the climax, the melodies

Surf Solar,
the opener, is my favorite track of the year by farrr
as a conclusion i could say that this masterpiece is the definition of music
you know, it's all about feeling something when you hear it

the same thing applies to the rest of the album

The Lisbon Maru could be the lost "dance" anthem of Mayas
it starts with this primitive rythm under these entrancing sounds
till the explosion when this track changes to something from outer space

Olympians is another standout track straight from ancient greece
with captivating "rythm section" and magnificent melodies

there are no vocals here, the music sings for herself
after all, it's all about the melodies

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