Friday, 11 December 2009

Favourte Albums Of 2009 #17

The Thermals - Now We Can See
The Thermals did it again!They released a record that made Broken Beats' life interesting again. "Now We Can See" sees The Thermals taking a slight turn from their rough-lo-fi/indie-punk classical direction in order to explore some "poppier" fields. The results are awesome and as their 2004 sophomore album was called, "Fuckin A"!
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Alright!Here 's something for anyone who wants to rock out today(or tonight..).Thermals might not be the newest and hottest band around right now (they 've released 3 albums and their 4th will be out in March i think..) but they 're just too good to not have a "Track Of The Day" in our blog. "I Let It Go" is one of their best tracks up to date!
It fits totally to a fucked up day, when you just cant get anything right and you ' re 100% pissed off..This calms you down a bit..

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