Saturday, 19 December 2009

Favourite Albums Of 2009 #7

Kap Bambino - Blacklist

they amazed us with their debut album,we saw them live smashing everything up,and the second album "Blacklist" came like a dynamite
it may not be included in many lists,but we think that it's pure gold that hasn't been discovered yet
12 awesome tracks in one album is not an easy thing to achieve
they may be influenced by the "Crystal Castles movement",but they have managed to create their own sound
her vocals can be addictive,combined with the strong background loops
and it is a band that you MUST see live,we still remember that we almost lost our ears that night


Ritity said...

can you guys give me a link of this album?
I can't find it anywhere,and i would like to hear it very much

evilplaymobils said...

sure!download it from here,
it's great:)