Friday, 11 December 2009

AUDIOCLOSET #2: The Cloud I'm Under

this is about a man that has sent us plenty of his stuff,including EPs,tracks,probably whatever he's created so far,but we weren't able to check it all out till now.
we will share with you 3 of them for now,it's really hard to choose between the whole stuff.
he hails from beautiful New York and keeps a low profile,as you can't find information about him anywhere,not even on his site.
i would say it is a combination of low-fi electronica and indie folk,that spreads out a really true emotion.
"Dim The Lights" and "Saturdays Are Better Without You" could easily be the new Julian Casablancas songs,that would stand out in his album.They have a dirty taste and a nice beat that makes them special and maybe addictive.
While "Where Are My Friends Now" is a pure diy masterpiece that makes you fall in love with it especially because of its great lyrics,he really means every word that he sings.
We hope he can make it and record more stuff,which we will surely post.

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