Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Favourite Albums Of 2009 #19

Shrag - Shrag
Brighton's Shrag came out with one of 2009's freshest indie/pop/post-punk records. "Shrag" was released back in March, it got a 7.4 from Pitchfork and since then Shrag have been touring around Europe with Crystal Stilts, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and their friends The Cribs. Mission accomplised then!
Here's what we posted about Shrag back in February:

So its saturday afternoon and you 're still looking for the perfect soundtrack of the day..Well, here 's a suggestion for you.
Their name is Shrag and they hail from Brighton,UK. Their music sounds a lot like Love Is All (without the saxophone madness of course..) but a little a bit less punked up..If you 're still not aware of the brilliance of Love Is All, another band/genre that you could say they 're very similar to is the whole riot girrrl thing(except for that whole attitude those bands had) ...
They 've got a lot of slow songs too,something that would probably suck under any other circumstances but in this case is just impossible not to like!

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