Saturday, 5 December 2009


TANLINES is two New Yorkers that make weirdly dancey-feel-good pop music. They sound a lot like Jack Penate's second album minus the vocals and...a lot of that album's bad tracks like "So Near" or "Give Yourself Away" that really sucked.. A lot of people say that their music has a "Balearic tone which brings together Ibiza and Sweden". Well, Since Broken Beats have not got a clue what Balearic music is, we should just describe their music as a fuckin' great tropical-electro-pop mix! What you need to know about TANLINES is that they 've just signed with London's uber cool label, Young Turks and that their track "Bejan" was included in Kitsune's compilation 7. Also, they 've remixed El Guincho's "KALISE" and Telepathe's " Chromes On It". Not bad!Enjoy!

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TANLINES - New Flowers
Telepathe - Chromes On It (TANLINES remix)

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